Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | |

And sometimes i just wanna bitch at people. Bitch at myself, bitch at my room, my clothes, my carpet, my desk, my wall, my bed, my contact lenses, computer-wannabe.
After being done with stuff that are only under my possession, passing on to others.
Here it goes.
Bitch at my old friends, my new friends, all the people around who somehow might have annoyed me at a certain point in time.
Bitch at all those who caused me to be sense-less during the most necessary times of being passionate.
Bitch reasonably or without any reason.
But just bitch bitch bitch.
Scream, yell, swear...
Hit, break, tear,
Throw, try, tire...
Till the last piece of the feeling
which arises from undeserved silence,
undeserved loneliness, undeserved rejection
and under-reserved ejaculation of feelings,


91 said...

abso"fuckin'"lutely awesome :)

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