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And then she said: "hı hım."
And then he hugged and made her giggle.
He always managed to giggle her, and she always could giggle when he was around.His sense made her giggle, and his soul, and thoughts, and words, and writings...
And then he hugged her even more.
And then she closed her eyes.
And then she closed them so tight that they hurt.
And then she said to herself:
"I should not, shall not, must not, ever ever ever,
open my eyes... I should not let him go,
I should not send those giggling away, I should not fall into that land of delusional comfort. I should not, not, not, not...
Open my eyes. If I ever opened,
he could go.
Not this time..
This time, I am closing and keeping him between my eyelids and eyes.
"Hey Mr., you are not permitted to go anywhere this time, hear me? get it? No getting out."
And then he giggled.
And then she heard it.
And then he touched her eye lids.
And then she silenced everything around her.
And then she waited.
Waited and waited.
And she opened her eyes.
Scared and brave at the same time.
And then he was there.
And then she giggled.
And then he giggled.
And then they imprisoned eachother.
In eachother.



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